Why Buy From USA Cargo


Why Buy From USA Cargo Trailer?

Factory direct wholesale pricing to the public. All trailers are in Douglas Ga.

We stock over 100 trailers. If you need one quick we may have what you need.

We have one of the fastest build times in the industry. If you need a custom trailer it will not take months to build. We can custom build most trailers in 10-15 days. Major options may take 4-5 weeks. Our knowledgeable staff can place most orders in 15 minutes or less.

Trailer Frames

  • Our trailer frame and structure is superior to most.
  • All our trailers are on a 11 gauge rectangle tube main frame (Not I beam)
  • Specifically our 7x16 frames are on a 6" tube main frame not a 4" like our competitors.
  • USA Cargo 8.5 wide's have a tube main frame. Many of our competitors use I-beam frame and it has to be doubled over the axles for strength. Our main frames are 11 gauge tubing for less twist and more load. Don't make a $100 mistake and sacrifice durability.

Wall & Roof Studs

USA Cargo wall & roof studs are 1"x1.5" tube. Our competitors use smaller 1" studs. Some may even use cheaper hat posts or Z bar. These are shortcuts that sacrifice durability.

Other Things To Compare

  1. All our trailers come with radial tires (not cheap bias ply)
  2. Quality 3/4 plywood floors and 3/8 plywood walls. (Not OSB particle board or luan.)
  3. Led full light package and Led 12v interior light.
  4. All our trailers have a larger 36" Rv style side door (not 32")
  5. All trailer have a V-nose that ads almost 2 extra feet for free.
  6. Ramp or double rear doors, your choice.
  7. 16" o.c. floor cross members on all tandem axle trailers.
  8. 4 - floor D-ring tie downs to secure your cargo.
  9. All ramp doors include a ramp flap.

USA Cargo Trailers Warranty

USA Cargo Trailers have a 5 year manufacturers warranty (not 1-3 yr) When our competition cuts corners they also have to cut the warranty. If you see a lower priced trailer chances are it has less then a 5 year warranty.

Standard Features

USA Cargo Trailers have great standard features. Our "standard features" tab provides you with a list of all the standard prices and features on our standard trailers. If you need more then a standard trailer you will go to the options tab and add those prices to the standard price. This is your total.

No Dealer Fees

We do not have dealer fees or hidden charges. We honor all prices on the website. No tricks, no gimmicks, no bait and switch sales tactics. All credit and debit cards add 3%.

Order Trailer

Buying is made easy, just add the standard trailer price to your options price and give us a call. Have your credit card handy and most orders take less then 15 minutes. After your order is placed we will email you a copy of your order. With a firm pickup date.

Trailer Quotes

We give verbal quotes over the phone. After you order a trailer and place a deposit we will send a formal order in writing to your email. You have 24 hrs. to make changes.


All trailers are at the factory in Douglas Ga. You can hire one of the 3rd party shippers by calling our 800 number on the website listen for the shipping extension to be connected to a list of shippers. If you can not drive to pickup, you must hire and arrange your shipping. USA Cargo does not own a shipping company. All trailers must be paid for in full before shipping.


At USA Cargo Trailer our staff is fast and knowledgeable. When buying a trailer sight unseen you need to be confident that your trailer will be finished on schedule and built the way you ordered it. Most of our customers drive 500 or more miles so it is our experience that will guarantee your trailer is ready when you arrive. Many can build a trailer but it takes experience to produce large volumes of trailers correctly and on schedule. Others have tried to imitate a online factory pickup system like ours. It's not as easy as it may seem. Don't get stuck driving a long way to learn your trailer is not finished or built incorrectly. USA Cargo has the team to get the job done right. Buy and drive with confidence.