Advantages of Owning Affordable Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Stop paying the high cost of truck rentals and haul more for less with affordable enclosed cargo trailers from USA Cargo. Whether you are renting or leasing, or are hauling goods and equipment in an open-air trailer, you will find that owning an enclosed trailer has many advantages.

Protects contents from weather

Weather conditions can change at any time on the road, especially if you are a long distance hauler. Here in Douglas, Georgia, where we manufacture affordable enclosed cargo trailers, it is not unusual for the weather to suddenly change from sunny skies to thunderstorms in a matter of minutes. An enclosed cargo trailer keeps the contents nice and dry regardless of weather conditions.

Better security

When you consider the replacement cost of the goods, equipment and machinery you are hauling it probably adds up to tens of thousands of dollars. In fact, it is not unusual for the value of the contents to exceed the cost of the trailer. An enclosed cargo trailer not only seals and locks the contents, but it also prevents the motoring public from viewing your haul. Thus, enclosed trailers increase security for both the cargo and the driver.

More affordable

Owning an enclosed cargo trailer is even more affordable than renting or leasing a truck and when you buy direct from USA Cargo Trailers you get more trailer for less money. Plus, you can save money on fuel too. Heavy trucks get poor gas mileage and use plenty of fuel. With an enclosed cargo trailer, you simply hook it up to an existing vehicle or pick-up truck and start hauling. Since it is enclosed there is no drag from the wind to slow you down like there is with an open-air trailer.

Increase carrying capacity

Regardless of the size of the trailer, enclosed cargo trailers increases your carrying capacity. Whether you are hauling equipment, machinery, vehicles or other types of contents you will be able to utilize every inch of space from the floor to the ceiling. 

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