Where to Buy Factory Direct 8.5 x 16 and 8.5 x 18 Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Renting trucks or trailers to transport goods and equipment can become expensive, especially if you are a small contractor or wholesaler. However, that is changing as many business owners discover the economical benefits of buying factory direct 8.5 x 16 and 8.5 x 18 enclosed cargo trailers. Its wide size and ease of maneuverability makes them applicable for a variety of purposes.

Not too big, nor too small, the 8.5’ x 16’ and 8.5’ x 18’ enclosed cargo trailers are ideal for hauling electrical or plumbing supplies and transporting artwork, antiques, merchandise and construction tools and equipment. And business owners can save money when they buy directly from the factory too. 

The prices of factory direct enclosed cargo trailers vary greatly depending on the suppliers, features, and design. But USA Cargo Trailers is widely known throughout the industry for manufacturing top quality 8.5’x16’ and 8.5’x18’ enclosed cargo trailers at wholesale prices without sacrificing features you would expect to find on competing brands that are more than twice the price.

Some of the standard features include marine grade paint, side door, plywood floor and a heavy-duty tube steel frame, to name a few. A very generous 5-year warranty is also included. Business owners who want to invest in an enclosed cargo trailer for their operation can visit the factory and select one off the lot, order customizations or arrange for delivery.

The 8.5’ x 16’ and 8.5’ x 18’ enclosed cargo trailers are rugged and built for stability to ensure a smooth ride to protect items being transported like motorcycles, construction tools and equipment as well as merchandise.  Simply hitch the trailer to a vehicle like a car or pickup truck and you’re good to go. Its medium size makes it easy to store in a driveway or parking space, for instance, when not in use.

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