Recommended Options Check List


"Recommended "Options Check List"
Please consider adding these options to your custom trailer.
Based on 3 criteria, extra strength, user friendly & durability.

If these options fit in your budget we highly recommend them.

1) Additional Height (make sure your equipment fits through the rear door opening)

2) Extended Tongue  (very popular, easier to back, a must for tight turning)

3) .030 Gauge & Semi Screwless. (less screws, not as wavy, the thicker the better)

4) Larger Axles. (piece of mind, larger axles will last longer, cooler bearings, bigger hubs)

5) LED Backup Lights (see while backing at night, awarness for others while backing)

6) Spare Tire. (self explanatory, blowouts can & do happen)

7) 12" On Center Floor Crossmembers. (stronger floors, a must for heavy loads)

8) 5,000 lb Tongue Jack.  (crank heavy loads, easy to use)

9) Slant V Nose (less wind drag)

10) Stabilizer Jacks (If loading trailer unattached from tow vehicle you will need rear jacks)

11) Extra Ventilation, side vents or roof vents.  (keeps trailer cooler & vents fumes)

12) Extra Lighting for interior. Led interior lights & consider exterior loading lights.

13) E track for wall & floor, This is a must for securing your cargo, This system has two advantages. We weld all our E track to the wall studs or the floor crossmembers. Doing this strengthens the frame of the trailer. We also flush mount and trim around all E track. E track is a system thet allows you to secure cargo anywhere along 2 inch increments. See E track pics under trailer parts. 

14)  "The Beast Package" 
Checkout our special on "The Beast Package" Convert any 7 wide tandem axle or 8.5 wide trailer to a Beast. Just add "The Beast Package" This package includes options that will add a ton of strength and visibilty to your trailer. 7,000 lb Torsion axles, 12" o.c. floors,Led exterior light package, Led Dual taillights, Extended tongue, Larger 16" radial tires,Red & white reflective tape, .030 gauge. Just ask our sales staff to make it a BEAST!!
If you are in construction, landscaping or just work your trailer hard you should consider "The Beast Package". Strength & visibility are very important when towing.Remember overkill is a piece of mind when towing a loaded trailer. Safe towing is happy towing. We want our customers Happy!!!
Beast Package w/ 7000 lb Torsions. $1,775 
Beast Package w/ 5200 lb Torsions. $1,475

Note: Trailers should not go down the road without a spare tire. Below are size & prices.


Standard White Spoke or Gray Mod Steel Wheels

3500 lb axles get a 15" 205 - 5 lug 6 ply C (pattern 5 on 4.5)
Radial tire & wheel $150.

5200 lb axles get a 15" 225 - 6 lug 8 ply D  (pattern 6 on 5.5)
Radial tire & wheel $175.

7000 lb axles get a 16" 235 8 lug 10 ply E  (pattern 8 on 6.5)
Radial tire & wheel $200.

We stand behind our trailers. We want your trailer towing experience to be a breeze.