6' Wide


6 ft wide standard trailer prices. Sa = single axle Ta = tandem axle.

6x10 Sa $2,150
6x12 Sa $2,199
6x14 Sa $2,450

6x10 Ta $2,699
6x12 Ta $2,725
6x14 Ta $2,999

Customers often ask, why buy a USA Cargo 6 ft. wide trailer?

Check out these features and our prices and you might say. Why Not?

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Shopping for a durable trailer can be confusing. We are 
here to help you understand the differences in quality.

So we did the homework for you.

Below is a list of feature comparisons on our trailers VS the competitors

Our Trailer            VS         Competitors Trailer

6ft 3" Interior Height                       6ft Interior Height
16" oc Wall Studs                            24" on center
Tube Wall & Roof Studs                 Flimsy z-bar & hat post
Sa 3" Ta 4" Tube Main Frame         I beam frame
24" Stone Guard                              12" - 16 " on some
Diamond Plate Cap On V                 None

Ramp Flap                                         None
32" Side Door                                   24" Side Door on some
5yr Warranty                                     1-3 Yr Warranty

We have great quality for a great price.


1.) USA CARGO Has Tube Steel Main Frame. (Not I beam)
2.) Make Sure The Trailer Has a 32" Side Door (not 24" or not one) 
3.) Sturdy 3/4" Plywood Floors 
4.) Extra Interior Height. 6 ft 3" (not only 6 FT) 
5.) With a 5 Year Warranty (not 1-3)
6.) 24" Diamond Plate Stoneguard (not 12" or 16")
7.) A Ramp Flap
8.) A 12 ft Box, Plus a 2 ft V-nose = 14 ft (not 10 ft+V=12 Ft)
9.) Our Wall Studs are 16" On Center (not 24"oc)
10.) 1.5 Inch Tube Wall & Roof Studs (not flimsy z-bar in walls

DON'T BE FOOLED, We do not cut corners just to have a low price.
Our goal is to give you a quality trailer for a great price.

We do not use cheaper i beam for our frames (3 sides).
Boxed 4 sided steel adds a lot of strength and less twisting.

Available Free Colors: Black, White, Red, Pewter, Silver, Gray.

USA Cargo Trailers are standard interior height of 6 FT 3" (Not only 6FT)

USA Cargo Trailers come standard with dome light, vents, 24" stoneguard,
tongue jack ramp and a ramp flap, 32" side door, electric brakes on tandem axles.

"Standard Features" On our 6 wide trailers.

16" On Center  Wall Studs
Single axle on 3" or Ta on 4" Boxed Tube Main Frame
1"x 1.5" Boxed Tube Wall& Roof Studs

24" OC Roof Members
24" OC Floor Cross Members

24" ATP Stone Guard
Plastic Tag Box
12 V Interior Light W/ Switch
Vent, Tongue Jack & Ramp Flap
32" Side Door 
Hold Back Latch On Side Door  
V-Nose With ATP Diamond Plate Cap
ST205 15" Bias Ply Tires 6 Ply C
Marine Grade Paint
Electric Brakes On Tandem Axles W/ Breakaway and Battery
Single Axles Do Not Have Electric Brakes Unless Upgraded
E-Z Lube Hubs
Smooth Aluminum Fenders
Top Grade 3/4" Plywood Floors 
.024  Aluminum Metal (Exterior)
2" ball for single axles, 2- 5/16" ball for tandems axles
Extra Interior Height 75" 6 Ft 3"
Painted Screwed Exterior
Dual Cable Spring Assist  Ramp Door
Galvalume Roof, Slightly Bowed For Rain And Snow
3500 lb. Leaf Spring Axle W/ 4" Drop. Made In USA.
7-Way Plug W/ Breakaway Switch On Tandems
4 Way Plug On Single Axles
15" Wheels & Tires

To upgrade features or add options to standard trailers see our "Options" tab.
Don't forget to checkout our "Recommended Options" list to make your trailer more durable & user friendly.

Buy with confidence from USA Cargo Trailer. A name you can trust.
We stand behind our trailers. Thanks For Looking.

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