If you are ready to purchase you can call 912-209-8900. We experience high call volume.
If our staff is busy assiting other customers please leave them a message.

We accept major credit cards.
Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Certified Checks or Cash.
NOTE: All our prices are for cash or cashiers checks. There will be 3% added for credit & debit cards.
For financing contact Rock Solid Funding at 1-800-607-1108.

Factory Pickup Location: 
1100 Thompson Dr. Douglas, GA 31535
NOTE: This location is NOT a showroom. It is used for trailer pickup after an order is completed.

Delivery rates flucuate as fuel prices change.
Rates usually range from $1.40 - $1.50 per mile one way from 31535.

We can deliver anywhere in the U.S.To estimate delivery go to www.mapquest.com select Douglas Ga. 31535 as our location and enter the zip code of where you want the trailer delivered. Mulitply mileage X $1.50. (rates will flucuate with fuel prices)

Delivery price to a city near you. Calculated at $1.40 per mile.

FLORIDA:  Orlando $365   Miami $650

TENNESSEE:  Chattanooga $460    Knoxville $600    Nashville $650

KENTUCKY:   Lexington:  $825

OHIO:   Cincinatti $950     Columbus $1,100     Toledo $1,225

ILLINOIS:   Springfield  $1,160

MICHIGAN:  Detroit  $1,300

PENNSYLVANIA:    Lancaster $1,175    Pittsburg $1,085


NEW JERSEY:  Newark $1,295

MARYLAND:  Baltimore $1,050

DELAWARE:  Dover  $1,120

NEW YORK:  Bay Shore  $1,365

VIRGINIA:  Charlottesville $850

NORTH CAROLINA:  Charlotte  $460

SOUTH CAROLINA:  Charleston  $350

ALABAMA:  Montgomery  $350

MISSISSIPPI:  Gulf Port  $600

LOUISIANA:   New Orleans  $700

AKANSAS:   Little Rock $980

FLORIDA:  Orlando $365   Miami  $650