Meet a Few of Our Happy Customers

Buddy O. from Brownsville, Tennessee gives us two thumbs up for his 7 x 14 Blackout trailer. In fact, he loves his trailer so much that he is going to buy another one! Buddy upgraded to the .040-gauge aluminum. Buddy says, “What a nice trailer. They don’t get much straighter than this.” 

Thanks, Buddy

— Buddy O.
Brownsville, Tennessee

Ivan and his family are from Massachusetts. Another very happy customer who bought a 7×14 cargo trailer and picked it up at the factory. We are happy you chose USA Cargo Trailer.

Thanks, Ivan

— Ivan G.
Waltham, Massachusetts

William M. from Loxahatchee, Florida is happy with his 8.5 x 20 Red. William loves his trailer and gave our photographer a great pose. William bought the red 20-foot trailer to match his truck. Come join our happy customers and give us your best pose, too.

Thanks, William

— William M.
Loxahatchee, Florida

Michael drove in from Florida and picked up his 8.5×24 pewter trailer and towed it to Canada. He said “it towed great & floated all the way“.

Thanks, Michael

— Michael B.
Cambridge, Canada

Mike came from Kentucky to pickup his 8.5×24 5200 with .030 gauge & 12″ extra interior height. Say “We are happy with our purchase and will be using the trailer to move soon”.

Thanks, Mike

— Mike G.
Ashland, Kentucky

Dale from West Virginia bought a charcoal gray 7×14 enclosed trailer. He loves his trailer and is using it to haul his motorcycles.

Thanks, Dale

— Dale W.
Crab Orchard, West Virginia

Join our family of happy customers. We will gladly take a picture of you and your new trailer at time of pickup. Just ask and we will post it here on our websites “review page”.  You can also send us your own picture and your feedback anytime and we will add it to our review page. 

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Jerry & James bought two matching 32 ft. triple axle Beast trailers. Jerry drove from Alabama to meet his buddy James. They are using the trailers to haul mattresses. These are some serious bed hauling machines.

Thanks, James & Jerry

— Jerry W. & James M.
Valley Head, Alabama

Lynn drove in to pickup a 7×16 cargo trailer for his daughter and is towing it back to Louisiana. Lynn said “they are very happy & saved a bunch”.

Thanks, Lynn

— Lynn L.
Houma, Louisiana

Kelly had us put together a 8.5×16 construction trailer. This silver beauty is going to be used for his window installation business. He had us add the ladder racks, extra interior height & the .030 gauge aluminum siding.

Thanks, Kelly

— Kelly Y.
Bedford, Pennsylvania

Cameron & his dog Cooper made the long road trip together. They bought a 28 ft. Blackout trailer and took it back to Pennsylvania. Nice looking trailer & dog!

Thanks, Cameron 

— Cameron B.
Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Bob bought a 8.5×28 car trailer. Says “I am moving out of Florida and trailering my stuff to Homer, Alaska”. Another happy customer! We appreciate your business.

Thanks, Bob 

— Bob S.
Obrien, Florida

Steve and his son took the road trip together to buy a 8.5×18 enclosed trailer. He is in the military and is using the trailer to transfer to Louisiana. Steve added 32 ft. of E track to secure his cargo and upgraded to .030 gauge aluminum sides.

Thanks, Steve

— Steve B.
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Linwood bought a beautiful Indigo Blue 7×16 trailer. Linwood & his wife give two thumbs up and are excited to get it set up for his tool trailer.

Thanks, Linwood

— Linwood P.
Ahoskie, North Carolina

Arizona beige (champagne) is the color Dean chose for his 6×12 enclosed trailer with a motorcycle package. Dean came form the Carolinas and loves his trailer.

Thanks, Dean

— Dean F.
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Carl from Alabama bought a 8.5×20 Blackout trailer with a flat front. He will be using it to haul his Goldwing motorcycle. Carl was excited to receive his trailer.

Thanks, Carl

— Carl A.
Dothan, Alabama

Phillip drove for two days to get his silver frost 7×12 tandem axle trailer and he is towing it back to Sandy, Utah. Our customers come from every state. 

Thanks, Phillip

— Phillip L.
Sandy, Utah

Mike C. from Yardley Pennsylvania loves his 8.5×20 trailer. Mike said “it was worth the drive.” Mike ordered the ladder racks and aluminum diamond plate on sides & rear, with thicker .040 gauge aluminum siding.

Thanks, Mike

— Mike C.
Yardley, Pennsylvania

Randall bought a 8.5×18 trailer. Travelled all the way from Colorado. This trailer has the 12′ extra height and heavier 5200 lb. axles w/ 12″ on center floor crossmembers. Another happy customer!

Thanks, Randall

— Randall H.
Longmont, Colorado

Alan bought a 7×16 custom trailer. He said “I started off looking for a basic trailer and then my wife got involved and look what happened”.

Thanks, Alan

— Alan T.
Dallas, Georgia

Anna & Robin purchased a custom 8.5×24 trailer to use as a mobile food truck for the elderly and disabled.

Thanks, Anna & Robin

— Anna S. & Robin B.
Lexington, South Carolina

Joseph sent his buddies from Chattanooga to pickup his 6×12 trailer. They said “we worked the night shift and hit the road after work”. Thanks guys!

Thanks, Joseph

— Joseph A.
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Ernie and his buddy drove from Tennessee to pickup his 8.5×16 charcoal gray enclosed trailer. This trailer has the black steel wheels with black ATP fenders and slant V. Ernie says “we will be hauling kayaks” Enjoy the trailer, we appreciate your business!

Thanks, Ernie

— Ernie M.
Joelton, Tennessee

Alberto from Ga. really likes his 7×12 enclosed trailer. “Better then expected“.

Thanks, Alberto

— Alberto H.
Atlanta, Georgia

Johnathan from the northwest drove 4 days to receive his 8.5×16 charcoal gray trailer. Our customer come from far away to buy from USA Cargo Trailer. Johnathan beefed up the floors to 12″ on center, also purchased a extended tongue. 

Thanks, Johnathan

— Johnathan K.
Tacoma, Washington

Ron drove in from Tennessee to get his 7×16 Brandywine trailer. Great looking trailer!

Thanks, Ron

— Ron C.
Bradford, Tennessee

Renee drove in from Florida to pickup a 8.5×20 trailer for the county school system. Said “she was happy with the whole experience”. 

Thanks, Renee

— Renee S.
Ocala, Florida

Patrick O. drove down from Connecticut to pick up his 8.5×18 Beast. He upgraded to a Super Duty 7k ramp and added 12″ extra height. This trailer is ready for a serious load.

Thanks, Patrick

— Patrick O.
Stratford, Connecticut

Rene is a repeat customer from Florida. He came to the factory to get another 6×12 custom trailer. He loves all his trailers and says “I will be back for more“. We really appreciate all your business.

Thanks, Rene

— Rene S.
Kissimmee, Florida

Scott H. from the west coast. Took a road trip all the way from Apple Valley, California to save on his 8.5×20 enclosed trailer. We appreciate your business.

Thanks, Scott

— Scott H.
Apple Valley, California

Dean drove from Minnesota to get one of our popular blackout trailers. Very happy customers. We appreciate your business. 

Thanks, Dean

— Dean N.
Anoka, Minnesota

Mike loves his trailer and drove from California to pickup his 8.5×18 pewter enclosed trailer. Thanks for your business!

Thanks, Mike


— Mike C.
Alamo, California

Todd H. from Illinois with his 7×16 charcoal gray motorcycle trailer. Todd says “he is headed to Sturgis”. Todd had the RV door installed in the V nose. Enjoy Sturgis!

Thanks, Todd

— Todd H.
Machesney Park, Illinois

Lanny drove in from Louisiana to buy a 7×16 trailer. Another happy customer.

Thanks, Lanny

— Lanny R.
Lake Charles, Louisiana

Jaqueline D. drove over from Alabama to purchase a 8.5×24 Blackout trailer with Avalanche wheels. Says she “cant wait to get her toys loaded”. Trailer has the .030 gauge, 6″ of extra height and 72 ft. of floor E track to secure her ATV’s.

Thanks, Jaqueline

— Jaqueline D.
Huntsville, Alabama

Dwight from Ohio bought a 8.5×22 pewter cargo trailer. We appreciate your business!

Thanks, Dwight

— Dwight Z.
Akron, Ohio

“We drove down from Ohio and grabbed another trailer. This is our second one for our business. The trailers are cheap enough and they get the job done. Thanks.”

— Don H.
Dayton, Ohio

“Great people to deal with. We picked up our trailer on the way back from a trip to Florida. The trailer was finished just like promised. We were in and out in 30 minutes.”

— Pam T.
New Jersey

“We were referred to USA Cargo by a friend. He said he got a great deal on a trailer by driving to Georgia. I was skeptical at first, but we decided to make the drive. We saved money and the trailer towed great. I would do it again. It was a long drive from Texas, but we made it a mini-vacation and spent some time in Savannah, GA.”

— Thomas G.
Houston, Texas