Popular 8.5-Foot Enclosed Trailers

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No matter what you need it to do, having an 8-foot-wide enclosed trailer can help you get the job done. For heavy -duty work, USA Cargo Trailer Sales has a wide selection of 8.5’ enclosed trailers. Choose from our inventory or customize the unit that fits your precise requirements. On this page, you’ll find a lineup of our best-selling equipment.

Each one is built to our high standards of quality and durability, same as everything else we sell. Our factory-direct products are built to last with numerous features to help protect your precious cargo, complete your work faster, or enjoy your weekend without worry. 

Made to Last 

Although our competitors may think it’s OK to take shortcuts with the materials and construction of their equipment, we don’t. When purchasing 8.5’ x 18’ enclosed trailers from us, you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving the most durable build possible.

That’s because we use 11-gauge rectangle tube frames instead of I-beams. This means you can count on superior stability. The fact that we use thicker wall and roof studs also give you added confidence.

Whether you’re looking for an 8.5’ x 20’ enclosed trailer or something else, you’ll gain the benefit of our commitment to building the strongest unit. Our selection of 8.5’ x 24’ enclosed trailers and other sizes also feature high-quality ¾-inch plywood floors, rather than the particle board you may find with other manufacturers. 

Protecting Your Cargo

Just like everything else we sell, our collection of 8.5’ x 30’ enclosed trailers and beyond come with everything you need to keep your business or personal assets safe during transit. We understand that businesses such as landscapers and builders depend on their equipment and tools to make their living. 

On the other hand, when investing in an ATV or other recreational vehicle, it’s crucial to protect it to maximize your enjoyment. That’s why our enclosed trailers include D-rings for straps, insulated ceilings, electric brakes and larger doors for easier loading.

What to Expect From Us

We make the buying process simple. Whether you’re looking for something we have in stock or need a customized solution, you’ll have the best experience working with us. Our current inventory is ready to go and can be shipped directly to you or picked up from the Georgia facility. 

If you want something specifically designed for your applications, no worries. Just choose the options you need, and we can customize a unit for you. These may be ready to go in as few as 10 days, depending on the features you select. 

What Makes USA Cargo Trailer Sales Different?

When shopping for trailers, you may be surprised to find that many companies sell inferior products at a higher price. Not only do we offer the most choices and the best quality, but we also strive to give you the highest value for your money. 

We’re a family run business that prides itself on quick turnaround in addition to exceptional service. If you’re ready to learn more or receive a quote, reach out to one of our knowledgeable representatives today.