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Sometimes, the equipment you require to get the job done right can’t be found in the showroom. No two jobs are exactly alike, and there are times when you need a little extra room, more durability or specialized features. That’s when you have to take matters into your hands and design your own trailer.

Fortunately, USA Cargo Trailer Sales has the capability to provide a custom-built enclosed trailer that meet all of your requirements and expectations. We have the expertise necessary to help you design your own custom enclosed trailers with everything they need to make work easier for you.

What Enclosed Trailers Can Do for You

Whether hauling your business’ precious equipment between jobsites or taking your new toy into the wilderness for a weekend of fun, it’s good to have a trailer that will fit the application perfectly. When you design a custom-built cargo trailer through us, you can be certain that you’ll have the ultimate protection, storage and versatility.

Enclosed trailers do much more than just haul tools and vehicles from point A to point B. They’re also critical for protecting cargo from the elements and damage on the road. By securing them with straps or bins, they prevent sensitive items such as musical instruments from being jostled in transit.

For business people who depend on landscaping or construction equipment, they can boost productivity by allowing a single truck to bring multiple tools to the site. By making changes to our enclosed trailer designs, you can get the most out of what we have to offer, no matter what you want it to do for you.

Available Customization Options

Our customers choose from a wealth of possibilities when looking for custom-design trailers through us. Whether you want to improve their durability, enhance their aerodynamics, add security for your cargo, or make them more convenient for you or your crews to use, we can make it happen.

Some of the most common features we offer for custom enclosed cargo trailers include:

  • LED backup lights: These lights provide extra visibility when backing out at night. Not only will the driver be able to see where he or she is going with more clarity, but anyone standing nearby will be more aware of the vehicle, as well.
  • Added height: For golf carts, ATVs and any other type of equipment that needs a little more headroom, you will gain the extra clearance required.
  • Stabilizer jacks: This option allows you to load up even when not attached to the towing vehicle. You can get even more done ahead of schedule and streamline your operations.

Why Choose USA Cargo Trailer Sales?

Customers come to us because of our outstanding prices and turnaround times. Design an enclosed trailer on our website and have it ready to be picked up from the facility in Georgia or delivered right to you in less than a few weeks. Check out our shipping calculator for pricing estimates.

When purchasing a custom product from us, you know that you’ll be getting something that suits your every requirement. To learn more or to get a quote from us, contact one of our representatives today.