Standard Trailer Features

Our products offer a vast array of standard features, including the following:

Trailer Frames

Our trailer frame and structure are superior to most. Don’t make a $100 mistake and sacrifice durability!

  • All our trailers are built on an 11-gauge rectangle tube main frame (not I-beam) to ensure stability and strength.
  • Our 7’ x 16’ frames are built on a 6” boxed tube main frame, not a 4” one like our competitors.
  • Our 8.5’ wide trailers have a tube main frame. Many of our competitors use an I-beam frame, which must be doubled over the axles for strength. Our main frames are 11-gauge tubing for less twist and more load.

Wall and Roof Studs

Some of our competitors take shortcuts that sacrifice durability.

  • Our wall and roof studs are 1” x 1.5” tube; our competitors use smaller 1” studs, and some may even use cheaper hat posts or flimsy Z-bar.
  • 16” O.C. wall studs, not 24” on center.
  • Thermo Cool roof insulation between roof & 1.5″ studs.

Additional Features

Before purchasing a cargo trailer, be sure to compare our features below with those of our competitors. All our trailers are built with:

  • Radial tires, not cheap bias-ply tires.
  • Quality 3/4” plywood floors and 3/8” plywood walls, not OSB particle board or Luan.
  • Thermo Cool insulated ceiling.
  • Thicker Galvalume roof, slightly bowed for rain and snow drainage.
  • LED full-light package and LED 12V interior light.
  • Larger 36” RV-style side door.
  • A V-nose that adds almost 2 feet of extra length — for free.
  • ATP diamond plate cap on V-nose.
  • 24” diamond plate stone guard, not 12” or 16”.
  • Your choice of ramp or double rear doors.
  • Hold-back latch on side door.
  • 16” O.C. floor cross members on all tandem-axle trailers.
  • 4 floor D-ring tie-downs to secure your cargo.
  • E-Z lube hubs.
  • Extra interior height 0n 6 & 7 wide. (6ft 3″)
  • All tandem axles have electric brakes on all four wheels.
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

12 Things to Look for if You See Lower Prices:

  1. USA CARGO has tube steel main frame. (Not I beam)
  2. Make sure the trailer has a 36” side door. (Not a 24” or 32″)
  3. Sturdy ¾” plywood floors. (No osb)
  4. 4 free floor D-ring tie downs.
  5. Thermo Cool insulated ceiling.
  6. 24” diamond plate Stone guard. (Not 12” or 16”)
  7. All ramp doors get a free ramp flap too.
  8. Radial tires. (Not bias ply)
  9. Our wall studs are 16” on center. (Not 24” on center)
  10. 1.5-inch tube wall and roof studs. (Not flimsy z-bar in walls)
  11. Thicker 11-gauge main frame on all trailer sizes.
  12. LED full light package.

Don’t be fooled, we do not cut corners just to have a low price. Our goal is to give you a quality trailer for a great price.

Available Free Colors

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Pewter
  • Silver Frost
  • Charcoal Gray


The warranty on your new trailer is 5 years, but that’s not all. What separates this warranty from other factory pickup trailer warranties is the repairs on your trailer can be handled in your state. Most manufacturers require all warranty work be done at the factory you purchased from. So, you have to drive back to the factory for repairs. If you live far away your warranty is useless. USA Cargo Trailer has an arrangement with the manufacturer to have warranty issues handled in your home state. This is a big deal! USA Cargo Trailer is the better choice for factory pickup.