Delivery Areas

Ship Your Trailer Anywhere in the U.S.

We Sell Trailers Nationwide

While our customers are located all over the country, the trailers are not. You won’t find these trailers for sale in your city — they can be found only in Douglas, Georgia and viewed online. If you cannot or do not wish to drive to this factory pickup location to pick up your new trailer, you can hire — and pay for — a shipping company to deliver it from the factory to your location.   

We do not deliver, but we do provide the names and telephone numbers of a few delivery companies that will give you a free shipping quote. Our shipping calculator is for estimate purposes only. Fuel prices fluctuate so only a shipping company can provide an exact price for delivering your trailer.

Before deciding on pickup or delivery, you might want to estimate your shipping cost before contacting and making arrangements with one of these companies (or any company of your choosing). All you need to do is fill in the zip code of your destination and our shipping calculator will provide a cost estimate.

Here are a few of the locations to which cargo trailers have been delivered: