How It Works

Understanding Our Process

Working with USA Cargo

We have two types of customers and each has different needs. Below is an explanation of how our customers work with us. 

Customers Who Need a Trailer Now

Do you need or want a trailer as soon as possible? Our in-stock inventory contains different sizes of stock units in black or white that are available now for pickup or shipping. If you are in a rush or will be passing through Georgia, check out our In Stock Now inventory online — we may have just what you need.

We sell many trailers and we sell them fast, so you can’t assume that all sizes are in stock at any given time. Always call us at 800-674-9890 before driving out here. Please note that a credit card deposit is required to hold your trailer while you’re on the way.

Customers Who Can Wait for a Custom Trailer

If you have specific needs and can wait for a custom trailer to be built, look no further than USA Cargo Trailer Sales. We can have your trailer ready in as few as 10 – 12 working days, depending on which options you select. You may have to wait a little longer for some options.

The deposit required on a basic trailer is flexible. Although some custom-built trailers may require 20 – 50% percent down in the form of a cashier’s check. Deposits are non-refundable on custom trailers. Please note that paying by credit or debit card adds 3 percent to your total purchase price. 

Getting Your USA Cargo Trailer

There are two options for receiving your new enclosed cargo trailer.

Pick It Up Yourself

You are more than welcome to come to the factory pickup location to take possession of your new trailer. The address is 1100 Thompson Drive in Douglas, Georgia, and you can pick up your trailer between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. This location is NOT a showroom; it is used only for trailer pickup after an order is completed. This address is not for “Tire Kickers”. You must order first then pickup.

Have It Shipped

If you choose to have your trailer delivered to you and you want to estimate the cost of shipping, check out our shipping calculator. The estimate is based on the distance shipped and the going rate for trailer delivery, which is usually $1.40 – $1.60 per loaded mile but may fluctuate with changing fuel prices. (Note: If fuel prices surge up or down this rate will also surge up or down. To get exact price call the shipper numbers listed on “Shipping Calculator” page.)

Your trailer can be shipped directly to your site by a third-party shipping company; we do not ship trailers directly. When you choose to have your trailer shipped, you must pay for the trailer in full before it leaves the factory. You hire the shipping company yourself and pay the delivery fee (or the remainder of it, if a deposit was required) when the trailer arrives at your specified location.

For your convenience, we provide the names and telephone numbers of a few shipping companies that will deliver your trailer directly to you. Please note that you hire a shipper at your own risk; we are not responsible for any shipping delays or damage that may occur to your trailer while in transit.