7’ Wide

Some of the Standard Features That Set Us Apart

What Are the Starting Prices?

Shown below are the prices for our 7’ wide standard enclosed cargo trailers. No additional fees occur when you pay by cash or cashier’s check; however, using a credit or debit card adds 3 percent to your total price.

  • 7’ x 12’ Tandem Axle: $6,250
  • 7’ x 14’ Tandem Axle: $6,325
  • 7’ x 16’ Tandem Axle: $6,450
  • 7’ x 18’ Tandem Axle: $6,895
  • 7’ x 20’ Tandem Axle: $7,150

Top Ten Features of 7 Wide USA Cargo Trailers

  1. 11-gauge tube main frame
  2. LED light package
  3. Thermo Cool insulated ceiling
  4. Radial tires (no bias ply)
  5. 4 floor D-rings
  6. Larger 36” RV side door
  7. 1.5″ Tube wall and roof studs
  8. 6’ 3” interior height (not 6″)
  9. Marine-grade paint
  10. 5-year manufacturer warranty

More Features on Our 7’ Wide Trailers

In addition to the features that are standard on all our trailers, our 7-foot wide models also have:

  • 16’ and longer units are built on a 6” boxed tube main frame
  • 14’ and under units are built on a 4” boxed tube main frame
  • Dual-cable spring-assist ramp gate
  • Radial tires w/15” wheels 
  • Electric brakes on both axles
  • 2-5/16” coupler

Do You Want to Add Options?

To custom build your trailer go to our design a trailer page. If you wish to make your trailer more durable and user-friendly, check out our recommended options page. The price of your extra options will be added to the standard list price to arrive at the final price for your custom trailer. On the design a trailer page you can add options and send a free price quote to your email to view.

12 Things to Look for if You See Lower Prices:

  1. USA CARGO has 11 gauge tube steel main frame. (not I beam)
  2. LED light package
  3. Make sure the trailer has a 36” side door (not a 32” or 24″)
  4. Sturdy 3/4″ plywood floors & 3/8″ walls (no OSB)
  5. Extra interior height. 6’ 3” (not only 6’)
  6. Radial tires (no bias ply)
  7. Axles warranty is 6 years on spring & 11 yrs on torsions
  8. Ramp with a ramp flap
  9. Thermo Cool insulated ceiling
  10. Our wall studs are 16” on center (not 24” on center)
  11. 1.5 inch tube wall and roof studs (not flimsy z-bar in walls)
  12. 4 free floor D-ring tie downs

Plus many more features. See long list of standard features listed on each individual trailer ad.

Don’t be fooled, we do not cut corners just to have a low price. Our goal is to give you a quality trailer for a great price.