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What Is the Cost of Shipping Your Trailer?

Calculate Your Shipping Cost

To what location do you need your trailer shipped? Please fill out the form above with the zip code of your trailer destination to get your estimated shipping cost.

NOTE: This tool provides only a close estimate of your delivery price, as delivery fees fluctuate with fuel prices. To obtain an exact price, please directly contact a third-party shipper for a firm quote and to arrange the delivery of your trailer.

Drive to Georgia or Ship Your Trailer

USA Cargo Trailer operates via a wholesale concept that saves you money. As part of this business model, we have only one location that houses all the trailers, and that is in Douglas, Georgia. You must either drive to Georgia to pick up your new trailer or pay to have it shipped to you. There are no other options.

Cargo Trailer Shipping Company Information

We do not ship directly, nor do we own a shipping company. Here are the names and telephone numbers of a few shipping companies you can hire to deliver your trailer to you:

Wrights Transport: 912-381-5243

Swift Transport Service: 678-575-4841

Please be advised that you hire a shipper at your own risk — we cannot be held responsible for shipping delays or any damages that may occur once the trailer leaves the factory. While we provide the names of a few shippers for your convenience, we are not responsible in any way.

If shipping is too expensive for you, please consider driving to the factory to pick up your trailer. In fact, many customers take advantage of the money they save buying from us by making their trip to Georgia into a mini-vacation that the whole family can enjoy!

Tips for Hiring a Delivery Company

If you are hiring a shipping company, you must pay for your unit in full with a cashier’s check or wire transfer before it can leave the factory. Make sure your final payment arrives in advance of the shipping company to avoid delays.  

  • Do not pay the full delivery fee in advance; generally, no more than 25 percent is required upfront.
  • We do not load trailers on flatbeds, nor do we have a loading dock. Trailers must face forward.
  • Make sure the delivery company provides you with a copy of its insurance policy.
  • Ask for the driver’s cellphone number so you can arrange a time to meet.
  • Send the driver a copy of your order so he/she can verify that the trailer is the correct one.
  • Have the driver check for loose items (spare tires) before leaving the factory.
  • When your trailer arrives, inspect it carefully for any damage before paying.
  • You and the driver are responsible for checking your trailer.
  • Damages that occur during shipping are the responsibility of the delivery company.
  • The driver will give you the title and paperwork.
  • Make sure your loose items are in the trailer before paying the driver.
  • Do not call USA Cargo Trailer after you pay to tell us your spare tire is missing.
  • Customers must negotiate missing spare tires with the shipping company.
  • Warranty issues are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • We recommend that if purchasing a custom trailer you arrive in person to inspect your trailer.