Spring Update On Supply Chain Crisis?

April 1, 2021

Well folks, its been 6 months since our last blog and things are not any better. As you may have noticed trailer prices have gone up several times since last year. Higher prices have not slowed the demand for trailers though. Unfortunately our aluminum supply chain is broken and we never know when, how much or what color the next load of aluminum will be. High demand, low supply and free money has caused inflation to run wild in this industry.

You may have noticed our yellow “Alert Message” at the top of the website has changed. We are not taking new custom orders at this time. The hundreds of “In Stock Now” that we usually have are now completely sold out too. Here is how it works now. We are pre selling “In Stock Now” trailers. Basically you call and order the trailer, Get your name in the lineup and wait for your trailer to be built. As the supplies come in more trailers are built. We are hoping sooner rather then later the supplies will flow in fast enough so we can get back in rhythm to supply customers the trailers in a timely fashion. At this time we are not giving firm dates on when the trailer will be finished. Now we just call you when its ready. There is no way to predict dates because the suppliers are telling us you’ll know when your getting more supplies when the semi truck shows up. So its impossible to predict and schedule dates for customers. Sorry but that’s just the way it has to be for now.

Now let me take a moment to explain to you how the general public feels about this whole situation. Many of our customers are business owners and have been dealing with similar situations, so they understand what is going on. Most people do get it. It seems there is always a few people a day that have no clue what is going on and you’d think they had there head buried in the sand for a year and there the only one in the country that needs a trailer. For some reason no matter how clear our Alert Message is and how nice we explain to them what is going on. They throw a fit and blame us. Obviously we don’t make a dime if we don’t sell trailers. Just writing this blog is a efficiency killer and all the extra time we spend explaining. So if you act like a 4 year old and throw a temper tantrum you wont get your trailer any faster. If you think you have a better idea, then become our competition. We take one order at a time and are doing the best we can for everyone. If you need to throw a fit please aim it at the people who created this mess. We are here to serve people who treat us the way they’d like to be treated and if you don’t like our prices just wait a few weeks and they’ll probably be higher.

Thanks to all our customers for being patient and we hope to have better updates soon.

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