Supply Chains Broken Or Just Depleted?

September 22, 2020

  In the past we usually had 100-150 “Stock Trailers” ready to be sold and picked up immediately. Lately due to high demand & supply chain breakdowns we have sold out of some sizes. The “In Stock Now” trailers may have a 2 week wait time on some sizes. Call for availability before driving to the factory for a “In Stock Now” trailer.

  Options trailers usually take 4 weeks to build. Now they are averaging around 8-10 weeks. We hope to reduce these times soon. We are working to fix this issue. The issue is not Covid -19. The real issue is that the supply chains were broken or depleted during the shutdown. It may take some time for our suppliers to get the parts supply built back up and keep up with the demand. Until then we will strive to get trailers built faster then our competition. Even though it may be inconvenient we should have them built faster then most companies. So get your name on the list soon in case things get worse. We want to thank all our customers and potential customers for understanding and being patient. Remember, we want to sell trailers as much a you want to buy one. We are not happy just coasting along when there is a huge demand for trailers. We are aggressively working on this issue. Unfortunately it may not be fixed until the demand slows. Supply chains are depleted for now, but how much longer can we go before they are permanently broken? 


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