If you're considering buying a 7x16 enclosed cargo trailer, don't make these common mistakes:

  1. Buying your 7x16 trailer from a newspaper or online classified ad: You just never know exactly what you're getting if you're looking for cargo trailers secondhand in the paper or on Craig's List. People are crafty with paint, faulty add-ons or custom features – and sneakily covering up damage or smells. Even if you're trying to save money, finding a trailer this way is a bad idea. Trust us, you can get an affordable trailer that's actually worth having without scouring newspapers, yard sale driveways, and sketchy online ads.
  2. Not purchasing factory direct: You can get a brand-new trailer for the price of a used trailer (maybe even cheaper!) when you buy factory direct from a trusted cargo trailer dealer that specializes in outfitting customers with reliable, affordable cargo trailers that suit their hauling needs.
  3. Purchasing a cargo trailer made with pressed woodchips: Don't buy a cargo trailer that's going to fall apart in front of your eyes. Make sure your trailer has a solid foundation, with a reliable steel mainframe to keep all of your precious cargo (and the enclosed trailer itself) in pristine condition.

USA Cargo Trailer Sales has 7x16 cargo trailers for sale throughout the United States, and we even deliver! Since our trailers are factory direct, they are affordable-  while also being well made, durable, and great looking. We offer a 5 year warranty just to make sure you feel confident you're buying a great trailer! Contact us today to purchase one of our 7x16 cargo trailers for sale at USA Cargo Trailer Sales!