Heavy-Duty 8.5x28 Cargo Trailers at Wholesale Prices

Are you looking for a new, exceptional quality manufactured cargo trailer at wholesale prices? Now is the best time to check the wide range of options we have available. Our 8.5x28 cargo trailers are direct from our factory in Douglas, Georgia and are  ideal for hauling commercial and construction tools, materials and industrial equipment to various job sites safely and efficiently. Thanks to its taillights and heavy-duty design, you can haul cargo across the country day or night.

Our ready-to-purchase 8.5x28 cargo trailers are available for pickup at our Douglas, Georgia factory.  It is available in standard white and black or customers can order their color of choice. Delivery service is also available. And a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty is a standard feature.

Our 8.5 x 28 cargo trailers have many premium features such as stronger main frames, ceilings and walls. The roof is made of high quality material for extra rigidity with an all plywood interior.

The 3/4" plywood floor is exactly what you need if you are transporting vehicles, heavy equipment or any other type of gear. Plywood is also used for the rest of the trailer’s interior and provides an excellent seal for keeping the interior clean and dry.

With a tubing main frame that has been carefully engineered according to the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), our cargo trailers have a safe carrying capacity. Its holding capabilities are further enhanced by use of high-tensile cross members and joints that are fastened with a strong metal inert gas weld.

Finally, the factory direct cargo trailer has a side door and a spring-assisted ramp door for easy loading and unloading, and maximum security.

Check out our online inventory of 8.5 x 28 cargo trailers or call us at 912-209-8900 today!