6' Wide Option Pricing


Trailers with basic options allow 10 days build time. Major options can take 3-4 weeks.

How to calculate price per linear foot (LF) Multiply the length of trailer x the price of the option.
Example: the price per linear foot for 7 ft. interior height is $17 l.f.. For a 6x12 trailer this option would add $204 or $17x12. Use same method for all LF options (wall options are not doubled)

E track is sold by the foot. Multiply by $12 for every foot you need.

ATP = Aluminum Tread Plate,  RTP = Rubber Tread Plate


16" On Center Floor Cross Members For Single Axle (All Tandems Include 16" oc floors) $75
12" On Center Floor Cross Members  (adds tons of floors strength) $175
 Standard Interior Height is 6 feet 3 inches  (To Ad Height Multiply Length x Price)  
6' 6" Interior Height (any color)   Example: 6x12 Trailer: 12ft X $12 = $144 $12 LF
7' Interior Height (any color)  $17 LF
7' 6" Interior Height (any color)  $22 LF
3500 lb Drop Spring with Electric Brake (205 Ragial  Tires)  Single Axle $175
3500 lb Drop Torsion with Electric Brake (205  Radial Tires) Single Axle $300
5200 lb Drop Spring  with Electric Brake (225  Radial Tires) Tandem $525
5200 lb Drop Torsion with Electric Brake (225  Radial Tres)  Tandem $695
7000 lb Drop Torsion with Electric Brakes (235 Radial tires) Tandem $1,100
2 5/16 Coupler $35
Spare Tire Mount on Tongue/ Inside Location $65
Recessed Tire Compartment $195
Flat Front Instead of V-Nose $0
Slant V on V-Nose w/ aluminum tread plate included $200
Pull Out RV Step (under side door) $125
Diamond Plate Front Corners (or anodized) $125
Diamond Plate Rear Corners (or anodized) $125
Motorcycle Package - Includes: Pair of Stabilizer Jacks, 6 D-Rings, Alloy Wheels with Radial Tires, Alloy/Black Side Wall Vents, Choice of 24" Anodized, ATP or Colored Metal Trim Sides and Rear  
 Motorcycle Package Single Axle 3500 lb $525 SA
 Motorcycle Package Tandem Axle 3500 lb $695 TA

Tie Downs and Stabilizers

Upgrade 5000 lb. Bulldog Brand Side Crank Jack $75
Upgrade 7000 lb. Drop Leg Tongue Jack (faster & best for heavy loads) $100
Rear Fold Down Stabilizer Jacks (pair) $75
Rear Drop Leg Jacks (pair) $175
Rear Scissor Jacks (pair) $175
Wall Mounted D-Rings $20 each
Floor Mount D-Rings (steel backer) $20 each
Removable Motorcycle Wheel Chocks $75 each
E-Track Wall (Multiply every foot you need by $12) $12 per ft.
E-Track Floor with Steel Backer  (Multiply every foot you need by $12) $12 per ft.
Caster Wheel Added To Tongue Jack $30


Ramp Door or Double Rear Door  (Your Choice) Free  $0
Comes with 32" Side door and bar lock ..Upgrade to 32" Side Door w/ Flush Lock & 2 keys   $75
3' x 6' Concession Door $495
4' x 6' Consession Door $550
4' x 8' Consession Door $675

Tires and Wheels

Silver Mod Wheels or White Spoke  (Comes with) $0
Black Spoke Wheels $25 each
Upgrade to 15" Aluminum Mags & radials 3500 lb Single axle $250 Single
15" Aluminum Mags & radials  3500 lb.Tandem axle $495 Tandem
Spare Tire 15" Radial / Steel White Spoke or Silver Mod (For 3500 lb. axles) $150 each
Spare Tire 15" Radial / Steel White Spoke or Silver Mod (For 5200 lb. axles) $175 each
Spare Tire 15" Radial Aluminum Mag Wheel  (3500 or 5200) $250 each
Recessed Tire Compartment  $195

Vents & A/C

Non-Powered Roof Vent.  $40
Powered 12 Volt Roof Vent $100
Max Air Roof Vent Cover $75
Brace for A/C $30
Wire and Brace for A/C $50
Plastic Side Vents Black or White (set of 2) $30
2-Way Sidewall Vent - Black Aluminum (set of 2) $75
2-Way Sidewall Vent - Aluminum (set of 2) $75
13,500 A/C with Heat Strip (Includes wire & brace) $1,000


Popular Semi Screwless. Screws in main seams only. Best of both worlds, less screws & no seams popping in the heat. Highly recommended for all trailers. Cheaper then full screwless . Requires .030 gauge. $8 LF
Upgrade to .030 Gauge Aluminum. Color: Black, White, Red, Charcoal Gray, Pewter, Silver.  SEE COLOR CHART $12 LF
Premium & Xtra Premium Colors .030 Gauge  Blue, Dark Red, Champagne, Dark Green, Orange, Yellow. SEE COLOR CHART $18 LF
.030 gauge Matte Black $18 LF
Upgrade to ATP Jeep Fender (pair) $65
Sides and Rear..Ad 24" Diamond Plate ,Anodized/ATP or Colored Metal Down Sides and Rear. (Already Comes on Front) $15 LF
Ladder Rack Per Section $140 per section


Thermo Cool Insulated Ceiling (cheap way to keep trailer cooler) $0
Black & White - Floor Tile LF                   (calculate linear foot by multiplying the length of trailer x price of the option) $24 LF
ATP or RTP on Floor  LF $24 LF
White Metal on Walls  LF $24 LF
White Metal on Ceilings LF $18 LF
White Vinyl Ceiling  LF $12 LF
White Vinyl Walls  LF                              (calculate linear foot by multiplying the length of trailer x price of the option) $20 LF
Raw Luan Ceiling  LF $10 LF
Ceiling Insulation LF $12 LF
Wall Insulation  LF $16 LF
Tread Plate/ RTP Ramp & Flap $195
Base Cabinets in Front $700
Overhead Cabinets in Front $600


Extra 12 Volt LED Dome Light (comes with one) $50 each
110 Volt Interior Receptacle $30 each
110 Volt GFI Receptacle (interior or exterior) $40 each
110 Volt Interior Switch  (Wall Switch) $25 each
60 Amp Panel Box with Life Line $200
2' Led Light $85 each
Electric Package - Includes: 2 Receptacles, 1 Switch, 2-2' Led Lights, 60 Amp Box with 25 ft Cord $425
LED EXTERIOR Light Package $0
LED Backup Lights $100
Upgrade to LED Strip Lights (in rear) $75
Red & White Reflective Marker Tape  (at bottom of trailer) $4 LF